Human, mental and social degradation is modernity in disguise. Where Bizarre fashion trends, eccentric ways of clicking pictures, adequacy in english, ability to switch modern devices, trolling others, shunning away our families life long traditions, abusing openly and keeping opinions on each and every topic is sheltering itself under the utopion revolution of modernity, freedom and liberalism, It is our mental, social and human degradation which is taking place aftermath blindly following these flakey outlandish mediums of becoming modern.

Modernity should lies in how easily one is able to explain its opinion without undermining others and creating a matter of discussion out of it. It is your ability to take pride in your religion without subjugating other religions. It is your ability to tolerate amd percieve things and situation onto a whole new level of cognizance without bamboozling yourself and to the least modernity lies in moving ahead without breaking the ties of the traditions and cultures which has helped in shaping you as a person. 

Yes we still have to go a long way. I hope everyone should turn their ken a little to acknowledge this true road to modernity.

Indian Soap Operas- a discrepancy in itself

Since the inception of the 2001 massively hit ‘kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ to today’s world ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ nothing has had changed except the design of the channel’s Logo. From the heavy skin scratching earrings to expressions of the ‘saas and bahu’, the plot of the shows to the plotting of the vamps; the screen is still the same though the channel cites ‘Rishata wahi Soch nai’.

The everlasting loathsome cries of the innocent ‘bahus’, inerratic dialogues, Chakamak sarees and treacherous silly plans have almost made me wonder and condemns me to find the newest possible thing in every next episode. Alas! I couldn’t find anything after myriad of days wasting before the black screen even debasing my eyes and brain that was hardly left when I finally shun the idea of finding the creativity within the series of episodes. Have you ever realized, had the television been without these zany and goofy soaps, it wouldn’t have been called an Idiot Box?
Hooked, Cooked and Booked by the Pakistani Television drama ‘Hamsafar’ that incidentally came forth my eyes after incessant shuffling of the channels, regarded as the revival of Drama Industry almost drenched into my heart after the suave serious looks of the male protagonist and pure white serene expressions of the other. This 23 episodes drama kept its pace at the very track and never loses a cord of emotion and exuberance when it had to be shown genuinely. With philosophical screenplay, decent baritone and terrific jaw dropping uncanny performances; the drama got appraised internationally. After watching which I finally discriminated with what we have been seeing since so long and with what we are kept unaware of. 
What if you are asked to savor the same dish for the whole week? What if you are allowed to wear the same dress for a month and most of all what if you are forced to watch a same boring movie for a whole year? I know it would be killing hebetudinous and I felt this same humdrum for a good long time.

What is the reason behind such monotonous? One day I asked myself. Have you ever tried to pen down the facet of it? No, after all we are Indians though. With a dilapidated pen and notebook I started extracting out some major discrepancy floating over the scenes of these sitcoms.  
One of the major loop holes that I found impregnating other problems as well was the perpetual succession of the drama serials. The eternal chains of episodes that serves nothing but hap hazard scarpering story line that delivers irksomeness all around demeaning the emancipation by showing old obsolete customs and values being forcefully applied on innocent children and widows deliberately shown to maintain the same level of TRP’s.
Not only it debilitates the plot but also restrict other shows from entering into the industry by keeping their shows fixed at that particular time for decades. After penning out the facet of the problem and causes behind such discrepancy, it was time to think beyond problems to usher the ways through which these variances could be solved.   
What if the idea of this perpetual succession of the serials could be altered with the idea of allotting some distinctive episodes to them; say 100 episodes per TV show. Look to what will happen aftermath the affirmation of this idea. The shows would look less monotonous to what they look right now. The spoilers couldn’t afford to run the show off track due to the dearth in episodes. The TRP rate will increase and the new shows could replenish the screens with new ideas and faces. This little idiot box in our drawing rooms could once again be perky being far away from the typical stereotype ordinary story and dialogues despite the channels being the same.
Apparently, the idea itself wouldn’t be enough to change the face of Indian television. This idea should also be taken hand to hand and must be implemented with same zeal as the effectuation of the contrary idea was done in 2001 with the longest running show till date ‘Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ that almost recuperated the tolerance level in our lives.  

Welcome ‘fear’ into your life

Have you ever wondered what keeps us going?
Have you ever wondered what keeps this world going?

Its fear.

I have always wondered how beautiful the world would have been had their not been any fear of survival. But i was wrong. 

Assume that all the rules and regulations, laws and punishments are removed for a while and you are stark free to do anything. What do you think would happen?

How dare you talk to me like that? And murder. 

Umm. I dont wish to attend college as today their wont be any attendance issue or punishment for not attending. 

I think i would like to take a leave from work. My boss wont be angry. No rules today. 

 Will you ever attend college if their wasn’t any attendance issue? Will you do your homework if their wasn’t any punishment? Will you work hard even if you know that you life will be next to awesome? Unfortunately the answer is No

Yes, when we bring ‘fear’ into our lives, is when we really move forward and endeavour for the narrow road to success. 

The sooner the better. 

Night Scares Me

I am not sure if this is somekind of supernatural presence in my room or it is just the gloominess of my mind, the despondence of my sorrounding and the lonliness of my heart. The night scares me. 
Is it a fear of becoming a failure in life? Is this my own lonliness? Is this Love? 

Surely its not love, for love is what makes night worth spending, elicit and kindling. 

 Maybe it is my own lonliness but how is this possible? I am sorrounded by people. People i love. People who inspires me. People who challenges me. Most importantly, people with whom i enjoy. 

How is this possible that i am full of lonliness? 

(I lay on my bed and took a turn) Maybe, i have had a lot of people to fill my mind with mirth and exhilaration, but my heart is still searching for its connection. 

In the pursuit of Love 

​I usually go jogging in the evening but when I am in my home town, I am condemned to wake up early and jog in the morning. I have been jogging there since many holidays but yesterday something peculiar happened and the most eccentric thing about peculiarity is that it happens suddenly surprising you to your utmost core.     

Have you ever imagined how beautiful is it to jog in the early morning, under green lush trees, amidst perky air, slanting warm rays and enthusiastically chirping of birds? Yes it feels ravishing and rejuvenates your otherwise lethargic mind and body from head to toe. It was during that last lap of my jogging that my rejuvenated and delighted mind accelerated to the next impossible level. 

AND there she was walking slowly, step by step, looking away but contemplating. The speed of my flittering legs slowed down and my heart skipped a beat. Some try to predict life but the actual fun is in the surprising turns of events as life approaches you. I had not seen her for last three years but now she was there, right in front but still looking somewhere else. Oh! How my heart wanted her one single glance at me. She didn’t look a day older. She was the one I have loved the most. She was my biggest goal and no matter how much I endeavor in its pursuit; that goal always remained an undoable target. She was my one sided love. 

Before I could calm myself, put my thumping heart and mind into senses, stop her, approach her and gather courage to talk to her, she covered her face from dust and left the park leaving me in an unfathomable dilemma where my mind asked “was this actually real?” 

The next morning I was even quicker in waking up without sulking for a bit, enthusiastic and positive towards the change of events. They say right, life needs a reason to put you into false hopes but sometimes these false hopes gives you a reason to smile. After completing the customary jogging, skipping and other exercises during which my eyes incessantly searched for her, I started my pursuit of finding her. 

I walked the area thrice where this unusual incident took place. Today, the place looked different. There were lesser people in the park, the trees looked pale and the atmosphere was humid. While searching, my mind was preparing for the conversation that would take place as soon as I will come across her. 

“Hello” I would say to make the first move as I did not expect that from her.


“How come you are here?” I would ask noting her chubby body and her unwanted desire to slim down. 

“Yes, I am also thinking of cutting down some weight.” 

“But for that you would have to either run or jog, as walking won’t help at all” I would say smiling to break down the ice of awkwardness between us. 

“Aren’t you having your college?” she would ask in the want to continuing the conversation. 

“Republic day and the following weekend, so I came to spend time with my family and friends.” I would be quick, I though as she might lose interest in taking.

“How are you?” she would as I know her. 

“I am doing good, and you?” I would ask looking deep down in her eyes so that it could make a lasting impression on her. I knew life wouldn’t give me such chances in future. I had this only opportunity.

I stepped into a small ditch bringing me back to my senses and making me realize that I have already made several rounds around the place without gathering a single trace of her. It was my time to stop the madness. I sat down on the nearby bench and pressed my hurting feet for few seconds and looked at nothing as I had never felt two opposite entities at one single moment. Yesterday, I accomplished that goal that I had never originally set for myself. Today, I again became a loser. Oh! How I wish things could have turned out just the way I wished, for once. The conversation I had prepared fluttered in my senses again. I wish I could have at least executed what I planned. I know I deserve that.  

Sulking at myself, I looked around and then back. The place was now crowded, many children monkeying and fiddling around while adults walking ferociously. I saw someone. No it was not her. It was someone else, maybe a replica but equally beautiful and enchanting. I never knew when my spirited gaze turned into a lascivious leer and she felt uncomfortable but still she passed a smile ushering a sudden current into my nerves that usually ran through my heart. Life gives you many omens and you must learn to catch them before they could lose their charm. Perhaps, that was an omen for me. Everything you wish desire or deserve is not always kept safely for you. Maybe there is someone else more wishing, desiring and deserving for the same thing than you. Life shouldn’t be stopped or put on hold if you hadn’t haven’t and wouldn’t get thing you hope would be there for you. Life will come to you with its surprises at the right moment but you must make sure to never stop in between as it will always keep you far from the surprises till the beam and gleam of that surprise starts fading away.

I felt satisfied and complete. 

I got up, collected my stuffs and prepared to leave and behind my back the atmosphere became perky, the lushly trees came into existence and birds started chirping just like YESTERDAY.   

What it’s like travelling from Shatabdi Express.


Travelling from Shatabdi express is apparently one of the most hectic things you will do in the early morning. Here, at this time of writing this scribbled frustrating short article, I am on board sitting next to two elderly gentlemen. Thankfully I have a window seat but all this while I have been thinking how I will move them out, for when I need the loo? They are too old to be moved out couple of times in this long tiring journey of 6 hours. This Shatabdi express covers the distance between Kanpur to Delhi, precisely about 450 Km. I got on it too early and being alone, I had no other option but to observe others like a deep philosophical writer, poet, psychiatrist and physically challenged.

Observation helps you inside out. It helps you to find answers to the problems lurking all around. After observing every nook and hole of that compartment, I noticed several electric lights being lit throughout that compartment and inevitably throughout the train. What’s the need of all those lights When we have a broad early morning fresh sunlight that can incandescent every corner of this train. Apparently, it is significantly important to have those lights lit as the boarding passengers might need them when the sun light is not at its peak; but why every light? They can use alternative light. Nope, they won’t and then the whole world will cry for the finishing nonrenewable resources.

There is an instrumental music being played at the background. What does it mean by instrumental background music? a light slow music being played out to make an amorous and subtle environment. Nope, they have a whole new different definition of it. A loud instrumental music is being played of old Hindi film songs of Kishore Kumar’s time. It’s so loud that it’s like a physical barrier for passenger’s communication.


Things didn’t go worse till I tell you I have a 2G connection and I am struggling hard for my Saavn to download music so that I can get rid of the political and Maamra almond’s talk of those two elderly gentlemen, the loud background score, the rocking sounds of the running train and for making my journey a little less boring But Saavn didn’t seem to Wynk me back affirmatively.

The saddest part of journeying with Shatabdi is it’d being a Chair Car. How can you sleep with your back upside straight and being offered a water bottle, newspaper, lemon juice, tea, a tray of meal, again a tea, a railway magazine and a boisterous announcement of an electronic female voice at every station where it arrives. Though this train is usually filled with Quintessential class of people and has a great name of prestige when it comes to oldest trains of india, it is extremely hard journeying in this train for a passenger like me who has nothing to do with politics, quality of almonds, an English newspaper, bushy view of the grassland and saving electricity. Thus, he is only deprived of the thing he loves to do the most—Sleeping.

Hoping to reach Delhi soon.




Hullabaloo in the guava orchard is Kiran Desai’s first novel and the recipient of BETTY TRASK prize in 1998 and the blurb at the back of the book seems hilarious and Kiran proved it to be as well.

The story is about a boy named Sampath chawla, born under such circumstances that it might not be wrong to have prophesied that he would turn into a child prodigy but things went otherwise. Since child he had been a nuisance for his father who endeavors hard to keep the prestige and motion of his family intact but failed to keep his son on the right track. Sampath was a daydreamer and had gone under the influence of his mother who wasn’t so much familiar like her neighbors and always used to think differently (Lunatically).

One day, sampath got so fed up from his life and tried to get rid of everything and every attachment by settling on a guava tree all alone and watch the world from that distance while enjoying his life with less demanding and expecting creatures. When sampath refused to move down from the tree, his father screamed in disbelief but god had other plans. As the days passed and all their hard work to get him down ran into gutter, Sampath used the gossip that he learned while working in the post office as a medium to influence people in aesthetic way. He told them those secrets which are kept hidden in the small box at the corner of their heart. Everyone startled expectantly and that was the day when people showered the respect he had been missing since a long time back. That was the day he became a famous hermit of his town.

Things went awry when some naughty monkeys got attached to the cuisines served to sampath by his family mates and followers. Wonkiness didn’t just stop here but got even worse when these monkeys had Rum one day and started creating havoc not only in that orchard but throughout the city. Not just Sampath’s father but the whole city of Shashkot gets into the scene of solving this naughty racy monkey problem by suggesting one plan or another and by wagering politics over it.

This book has been written in lucid and brilliant way not to forget the talent she has inherited from her mother Anita Desai who herself is a magnificent author and has been shortlisted for booker prize three times.

This book does have some loop holes in the plot. For ex:- When it is clearly portrayed the problems the family members had in making sampath bath and dine when he clearly refused to step down from the tree even for a minute, it is nowhere mentioned when and how he used to Defecate while sitting on the branch of the tree if things are to be take logically. Nevertheless, the book is extremely hilarious and filled with witty one liners and no wonder you may find yourself laughing holding your stomach in the middle of the book. Kiran has left an open ending for the readers to decide for themselves what the end would have been.

A MUST READ I will say for those who want some light heart fun and satire on Indian society and its obsolete superstitious approach to certain things.


Looking For Alaska Review

Indeed, The elecrtifying debut of an award winning author of The fault in our stars but hold On! Let me say this one is better. 

Amidst the juvenile prankings and boozing, a labyrith is waiting to get unriddled. A labyrinth of suffering where you will meet alaska young, A teenage girl with all her tantrums, mood swings and mysterious self solving her life out. Pudge and colonel the other two protagonist as brilliantly carved as the curves of the body of alaska young- As shown in the book. They meet, befreinds and then get long as any other college union but wait until you meet the end.

Alaska drawas miles into her reckless world and irrevocably steals his heart. For miles, nothing can ever be the same again. BUT

Alaska dissapears mysteriously in the middle of the book and thats is what will set you hooked, booked and cooked through the pages of the book. Now its up to you as how quickly you will set off for the journey in finding the sudden cascade of her life, emotions andthe LABTRINTH.



    Hang on! There, right! Did you see that picture above? Ain’t it ravishing? Doesn’t it capture this nature flawlessly. I thank my friend for capturing it. 

    It showed me a new philosophy of life. It proved some great words authentic. “What you see is what you believe”, yes this statement is proved right. Scrutinise this picture deeply. Can you see a bird flying next to his humongous tree. Can you see it? Yes there! At the right side of the picture. Now imagine this to be a leaf of that humongous tree rather than a fauna. Now can you imagine this leaf coming from a distant place to be approaching this tree to get itself attached from its branch? Yes you have imagined it the right way. Doesn’t it proclaim to be adding life to a substance? 

    Now imagine something seemingly contrary. Now imagine this bird to be a leaf of this very particular tree but has unfortunately lost its youth and loosen itself from its very root. Hence, breaking itself from that uneternal bond from its stem and flowing away from the tree. Doesn’t it proclaim Death. Yes that Way! 

    Now its up to you how you see this picture. Will you only appreciate its beauty or will bring life and death out of it? Because “What you see is what you believe”.