Siddhartha by Herman Hesse Review

I recently finished reading a small novel by German poet and novelist Hermann Hesse. He is famously known for his spiritual novel ‘Siddhartha’ and this is what my article will be centred upon. Siddhartha by its name suggests a novel upon Gautama Buddha, the enlightened leader, speaker and often revered and venerated to be God …


Nightly Musings

Is Indian Women’s Cricket Team Shattering Glass Ceiling?

Amidst the incumbent Male patriarchy, shouts for Feminism and Emancipation, there emerged a women power that shattered the unshakable glass ceiling, or so what I believe. There were several thrusts and poke by the Indian women Badminton legends like Saina Nehwal and P. V. Sindhu but this day witnessed the last catastrophic thrust, shattering the …

Suggest Me A Book

A humble request to all my blogger friends to suggest me a book that you find a must read or perhaps the best one in your book shelf. Struggling with readers block. Help me. Thankyou