Hang on! There, right! Did you see that picture above? Ain’t it ravishing? Doesn’t it capture this nature flawlessly. I thank my friend for capturing it. 

It showed me a new philosophy of life. It proved some great words authentic. “What you see is what you believe”, yes this statement is proved right. Scrutinise this picture deeply. Can you see a bird flying next to his humongous tree. Can you see it? Yes there! At the right side of the picture. Now imagine this to be a leaf of that humongous tree rather than a fauna. Now can you imagine this leaf coming from a distant place to be approaching this tree to get itself attached from its branch? Yes you have imagined it the right way. Doesn’t it proclaim to be adding life to a substance? 

Now imagine something seemingly contrary. Now imagine this bird to be a leaf of this very particular tree but has unfortunately lost its youth and loosen itself from its very root. Hence, breaking itself from that uneternal bond from its stem and flowing away from the tree. Doesn’t it proclaim Death. Yes that Way! 

Now its up to you how you see this picture. Will you only appreciate its beauty or will bring life and death out of it? Because “What you see is what you believe”.


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