Looking For Alaska Review

Indeed, The elecrtifying debut of an award winning author of The fault in our stars but hold On! Let me say this one is better. 

Amidst the juvenile prankings and boozing, a labyrith is waiting to get unriddled. A labyrinth of suffering where you will meet alaska young, A teenage girl with all her tantrums, mood swings and mysterious self solving her life out. Pudge and colonel the other two protagonist as brilliantly carved as the curves of the body of alaska young- As shown in the book. They meet, befreinds and then get long as any other college union but wait until you meet the end.

Alaska drawas miles into her reckless world and irrevocably steals his heart. For miles, nothing can ever be the same again. BUT

Alaska dissapears mysteriously in the middle of the book and thats is what will set you hooked, booked and cooked through the pages of the book. Now its up to you as how quickly you will set off for the journey in finding the sudden cascade of her life, emotions andthe LABTRINTH.



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