What it’s like travelling from Shatabdi Express.


Travelling from Shatabdi express is apparently one of the most hectic things you will do in the early morning. Here, at this time of writing this scribbled frustrating short article, I am on board sitting next to two elderly gentlemen. Thankfully I have a window seat but all this while I have been thinking how I will move them out, for when I need the loo? They are too old to be moved out couple of times in this long tiring journey of 6 hours. This Shatabdi express covers the distance between Kanpur to Delhi, precisely about 450 Km. I got on it too early and being alone, I had no other option but to observe others like a deep philosophical writer, poet, psychiatrist and physically challenged.

Observation helps you inside out. It helps you to find answers to the problems lurking all around. After observing every nook and hole of that compartment, I noticed several electric lights being lit throughout that compartment and inevitably throughout the train. What’s the need of all those lights When we have a broad early morning fresh sunlight that can incandescent every corner of this train. Apparently, it is significantly important to have those lights lit as the boarding passengers might need them when the sun light is not at its peak; but why every light? They can use alternative light. Nope, they won’t and then the whole world will cry for the finishing nonrenewable resources.

There is an instrumental music being played at the background. What does it mean by instrumental background music? a light slow music being played out to make an amorous and subtle environment. Nope, they have a whole new different definition of it. A loud instrumental music is being played of old Hindi film songs of Kishore Kumar’s time. It’s so loud that it’s like a physical barrier for passenger’s communication.


Things didn’t go worse till I tell you I have a 2G connection and I am struggling hard for my Saavn to download music so that I can get rid of the political and Maamra almond’s talk of those two elderly gentlemen, the loud background score, the rocking sounds of the running train and for making my journey a little less boring But Saavn didn’t seem to Wynk me back affirmatively.

The saddest part of journeying with Shatabdi is it’d being a Chair Car. How can you sleep with your back upside straight and being offered a water bottle, newspaper, lemon juice, tea, a tray of meal, again a tea, a railway magazine and a boisterous announcement of an electronic female voice at every station where it arrives. Though this train is usually filled with Quintessential class of people and has a great name of prestige when it comes to oldest trains of india, it is extremely hard journeying in this train for a passenger like me who has nothing to do with politics, quality of almonds, an English newspaper, bushy view of the grassland and saving electricity. Thus, he is only deprived of the thing he loves to do the most—Sleeping.

Hoping to reach Delhi soon.


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