In the pursuit of Love 

​I usually go jogging in the evening but when I am in my home town, I am condemned to wake up early and jog in the morning. I have been jogging there since many holidays but yesterday something peculiar happened and the most eccentric thing about peculiarity is that it happens suddenly surprising you to your utmost core.     

Have you ever imagined how beautiful is it to jog in the early morning, under green lush trees, amidst perky air, slanting warm rays and enthusiastically chirping of birds? Yes it feels ravishing and rejuvenates your otherwise lethargic mind and body from head to toe. It was during that last lap of my jogging that my rejuvenated and delighted mind accelerated to the next impossible level. 

AND there she was walking slowly, step by step, looking away but contemplating. The speed of my flittering legs slowed down and my heart skipped a beat. Some try to predict life but the actual fun is in the surprising turns of events as life approaches you. I had not seen her for last three years but now she was there, right in front but still looking somewhere else. Oh! How my heart wanted her one single glance at me. She didn’t look a day older. She was the one I have loved the most. She was my biggest goal and no matter how much I endeavor in its pursuit; that goal always remained an undoable target. She was my one sided love. 

Before I could calm myself, put my thumping heart and mind into senses, stop her, approach her and gather courage to talk to her, she covered her face from dust and left the park leaving me in an unfathomable dilemma where my mind asked “was this actually real?” 

The next morning I was even quicker in waking up without sulking for a bit, enthusiastic and positive towards the change of events. They say right, life needs a reason to put you into false hopes but sometimes these false hopes gives you a reason to smile. After completing the customary jogging, skipping and other exercises during which my eyes incessantly searched for her, I started my pursuit of finding her. 

I walked the area thrice where this unusual incident took place. Today, the place looked different. There were lesser people in the park, the trees looked pale and the atmosphere was humid. While searching, my mind was preparing for the conversation that would take place as soon as I will come across her. 

“Hello” I would say to make the first move as I did not expect that from her.


“How come you are here?” I would ask noting her chubby body and her unwanted desire to slim down. 

“Yes, I am also thinking of cutting down some weight.” 

“But for that you would have to either run or jog, as walking won’t help at all” I would say smiling to break down the ice of awkwardness between us. 

“Aren’t you having your college?” she would ask in the want to continuing the conversation. 

“Republic day and the following weekend, so I came to spend time with my family and friends.” I would be quick, I though as she might lose interest in taking.

“How are you?” she would as I know her. 

“I am doing good, and you?” I would ask looking deep down in her eyes so that it could make a lasting impression on her. I knew life wouldn’t give me such chances in future. I had this only opportunity.

I stepped into a small ditch bringing me back to my senses and making me realize that I have already made several rounds around the place without gathering a single trace of her. It was my time to stop the madness. I sat down on the nearby bench and pressed my hurting feet for few seconds and looked at nothing as I had never felt two opposite entities at one single moment. Yesterday, I accomplished that goal that I had never originally set for myself. Today, I again became a loser. Oh! How I wish things could have turned out just the way I wished, for once. The conversation I had prepared fluttered in my senses again. I wish I could have at least executed what I planned. I know I deserve that.  

Sulking at myself, I looked around and then back. The place was now crowded, many children monkeying and fiddling around while adults walking ferociously. I saw someone. No it was not her. It was someone else, maybe a replica but equally beautiful and enchanting. I never knew when my spirited gaze turned into a lascivious leer and she felt uncomfortable but still she passed a smile ushering a sudden current into my nerves that usually ran through my heart. Life gives you many omens and you must learn to catch them before they could lose their charm. Perhaps, that was an omen for me. Everything you wish desire or deserve is not always kept safely for you. Maybe there is someone else more wishing, desiring and deserving for the same thing than you. Life shouldn’t be stopped or put on hold if you hadn’t haven’t and wouldn’t get thing you hope would be there for you. Life will come to you with its surprises at the right moment but you must make sure to never stop in between as it will always keep you far from the surprises till the beam and gleam of that surprise starts fading away.

I felt satisfied and complete. 

I got up, collected my stuffs and prepared to leave and behind my back the atmosphere became perky, the lushly trees came into existence and birds started chirping just like YESTERDAY.   


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