Night Scares Me

I am not sure if this is somekind of supernatural presence in my room or it is just the gloominess of my mind, the despondence of my sorrounding and the lonliness of my heart. The night scares me. 
Is it a fear of becoming a failure in life? Is this my own lonliness? Is this Love? 

Surely its not love, for love is what makes night worth spending, elicit and kindling. 

 Maybe it is my own lonliness but how is this possible? I am sorrounded by people. People i love. People who inspires me. People who challenges me. Most importantly, people with whom i enjoy. 

How is this possible that i am full of lonliness? 

(I lay on my bed and took a turn) Maybe, i have had a lot of people to fill my mind with mirth and exhilaration, but my heart is still searching for its connection. 


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