Welcome ‘fear’ into your life

Have you ever wondered what keeps us going?
Have you ever wondered what keeps this world going?

Its fear.

I have always wondered how beautiful the world would have been had their not been any fear of survival. But i was wrong. 

Assume that all the rules and regulations, laws and punishments are removed for a while and you are stark free to do anything. What do you think would happen?

How dare you talk to me like that? And murder. 

Umm. I dont wish to attend college as today their wont be any attendance issue or punishment for not attending. 

I think i would like to take a leave from work. My boss wont be angry. No rules today. 

 Will you ever attend college if their wasn’t any attendance issue? Will you do your homework if their wasn’t any punishment? Will you work hard even if you know that you life will be next to awesome? Unfortunately the answer is No

Yes, when we bring ‘fear’ into our lives, is when we really move forward and endeavour for the narrow road to success. 

The sooner the better. 


8 Replies to “Welcome ‘fear’ into your life”

      1. Yes, anything extreme is harmful. Evem drinking too much water, that water which acts as an elixir of life is harmful when consumed excessively. Same is the case with fear. Too much fear makes man dull, nervous and despondent while no fear makes a man over confident, arrogant and too proud.


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