Indian Soap Operas- a discrepancy in itself

Since the inception of the 2001 massively hit ‘kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ to today’s world ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ nothing has had changed except the design of the channel’s Logo. From the heavy skin scratching earrings to expressions of the ‘saas and bahu’, the plot of the shows to the plotting of the vamps; the screen is still the same though the channel cites ‘Rishata wahi Soch nai’.

The everlasting loathsome cries of the innocent ‘bahus’, inerratic dialogues, Chakamak sarees and treacherous silly plans have almost made me wonder and condemns me to find the newest possible thing in every next episode. Alas! I couldn’t find anything after myriad of days wasting before the black screen even debasing my eyes and brain that was hardly left when I finally shun the idea of finding the creativity within the series of episodes. Have you ever realized, had the television been without these zany and goofy soaps, it wouldn’t have been called an Idiot Box?
Hooked, Cooked and Booked by the Pakistani Television drama ‘Hamsafar’ that incidentally came forth my eyes after incessant shuffling of the channels, regarded as the revival of Drama Industry almost drenched into my heart after the suave serious looks of the male protagonist and pure white serene expressions of the other. This 23 episodes drama kept its pace at the very track and never loses a cord of emotion and exuberance when it had to be shown genuinely. With philosophical screenplay, decent baritone and terrific jaw dropping uncanny performances; the drama got appraised internationally. After watching which I finally discriminated with what we have been seeing since so long and with what we are kept unaware of. 
What if you are asked to savor the same dish for the whole week? What if you are allowed to wear the same dress for a month and most of all what if you are forced to watch a same boring movie for a whole year? I know it would be killing hebetudinous and I felt this same humdrum for a good long time.

What is the reason behind such monotonous? One day I asked myself. Have you ever tried to pen down the facet of it? No, after all we are Indians though. With a dilapidated pen and notebook I started extracting out some major discrepancy floating over the scenes of these sitcoms.  
One of the major loop holes that I found impregnating other problems as well was the perpetual succession of the drama serials. The eternal chains of episodes that serves nothing but hap hazard scarpering story line that delivers irksomeness all around demeaning the emancipation by showing old obsolete customs and values being forcefully applied on innocent children and widows deliberately shown to maintain the same level of TRP’s.
Not only it debilitates the plot but also restrict other shows from entering into the industry by keeping their shows fixed at that particular time for decades. After penning out the facet of the problem and causes behind such discrepancy, it was time to think beyond problems to usher the ways through which these variances could be solved.   
What if the idea of this perpetual succession of the serials could be altered with the idea of allotting some distinctive episodes to them; say 100 episodes per TV show. Look to what will happen aftermath the affirmation of this idea. The shows would look less monotonous to what they look right now. The spoilers couldn’t afford to run the show off track due to the dearth in episodes. The TRP rate will increase and the new shows could replenish the screens with new ideas and faces. This little idiot box in our drawing rooms could once again be perky being far away from the typical stereotype ordinary story and dialogues despite the channels being the same.
Apparently, the idea itself wouldn’t be enough to change the face of Indian television. This idea should also be taken hand to hand and must be implemented with same zeal as the effectuation of the contrary idea was done in 2001 with the longest running show till date ‘Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ that almost recuperated the tolerance level in our lives.  


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