Human, mental and social degradation is modernity in disguise. Where Bizarre fashion trends, eccentric ways of clicking pictures, adequacy in english, ability to switch modern devices, trolling others, shunning away our families life long traditions, abusing openly and keeping opinions on each and every topic is sheltering itself under the utopion revolution of modernity, freedom and liberalism, It is our mental, social and human degradation which is taking place aftermath blindly following these flakey outlandish mediums of becoming modern.

Modernity should lies in how easily one is able to explain its opinion without undermining others and creating a matter of discussion out of it. It is your ability to take pride in your religion without subjugating other religions. It is your ability to tolerate amd percieve things and situation onto a whole new level of cognizance without bamboozling yourself and to the least modernity lies in moving ahead without breaking the ties of the traditions and cultures which has helped in shaping you as a person. 

Yes we still have to go a long way. I hope everyone should turn their ken a little to acknowledge this true road to modernity.


2 Replies to “ON MODERNITY”

  1. So true and well written.Modernity is not to supress our relegion,beliefs and blindly follow others way of living.We need to broaden our thinking mentallity .In that way ,we will be considered Modern.

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