Suggest Me A Book


A humble request to all my blogger friends to suggest me a book that you find a must read or perhaps the best one in your book shelf. Struggling with readers block. Help me.



28 Replies to “Suggest Me A Book”

      1. You’re welcome. You can also go through movie reruns of some of Dan Brown’s books which came out in previous years—all Robert Langdon”s–played by the US actor Tom Hanks. They’re just adaptations of the books.

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  1. One of my favorite books is “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden. It tells the story of a Geisha in Kyoto before World War II. After I have read this book I started to get very interested in everything Japanese. Life in Japan before the last world war was really very different, and this book is an eye opener.

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      1. There is another book I have read several times. Its called “THE END OF THE AFFAIR” by Graham Greene. It is a book full of emotions. Really amazing.
        If you have not read it I would really recommend it. Lara


      1. I am sure you will like it. The book has been adapted into a movie also starring Julia Roberts. Part of the movie was shot in India (an ashram near Delhi).

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